Data Automation Tech Company

Establishing an industry leader


While our client was successful in reaching fundraising milestones, they faced growing pains, C-suite changes, and an identity/awareness crisis.



Our team of journalists, strategists, and subject matter experts mobilized quickly to help grow brand awareness, clarify competitive edge, and improve market positioning.

We secured a Series C announcement with a strategic publication and a Series D announcement shortly thereafter with a new publisher, used our industry relationships to amplify the coverage, coached C-suite executives on media training, and developed a digital and distribution strategy to ensure that the message was clear: our client is a key player in the automation industry.



  • Coverage secured in Forbes, WSJ, and 30+ other relevant outlets with 1+ million views by the right audience.

  • Increased our C-suite social media penetration to reach 56% of followers with a 3% engagement rate in less than two weeks by developing and leveraging company news and thought leadership insights.