Major European Government

Building a tech ecosystem to foster innovation


This European country invested billions in building a tech ecosystem to foster innovation, but it lacked awareness from U.S. media, investors, and other key stakeholders required to attract international capital and partnerships.



Knowing that media relations alone would not deliver results given the cross-border visibility challenge, our team incorporated a multichannel approach to messaging and communications, business development, PR, and investor relationships.

We used CES 2021 as a kickoff point to generate timely news, advised senior government officials and the royal family to improve the organization’s marketing strategy, and leveraged that interest along with our VC relationships to broker productive country relations and dealmaking.



  • We introduced 34 portfolio companies in the country’s tech ecosystem to 8 top VC investors with a total of $50+ billion under management, resulting in 13 meetings and 3 partnerships/investments.

  • Our efforts to facilitate multinational partnerships and explore new market opportunities helped to establish the country as a viable power player in the tech economy and an international hub for innovation.